With the sound development and integration of tourism, China has achieved a historic leap from a big tourist country to a strong one, and entered the era of mass tourism. At present, the priority of people's pursuit for tourism products has changed from the quantity to the quality. To vigorously promote quality tourism has become one of the requirements of national strategies in every respect in the new era, such as practicing the "Two Mountains" theory, intensifying the supply-side structural reform, pursuing rural vitalization strategy, winning the battle against poverty, and building the new pattern of comprehensive opening up. At the same time, people's consumption concept on tourism has also begun to transform, which not only indicates the start of a brand new era of tourism, but marks the emergence of tourism-themed popularization. It is vital to follow the changes in the media environment and marketing methods, and make constant improvements.
To promote China's tourism and improve marketing patterns, China Internet Information Center (China.org.cn/China.com.cn) will hold the "New Era·China Quality Tourism Marketing Summit" -- "2019 Splendid China List", aiming to achieve a better life.

Du Yili: Culture and tourism industries grow amid ‘demand revolution’ and ‘economic slowdown’

The new era has two direct and fundamental impacts on culture and tourism industries, which are the “demand revolution” and the economic shift. Their coexistence will push the quality of tourism to elevate. Whoever can adapt would be able to take advantages and thrive.

Wei Xiaoan: Integration, reintegration and new integration for culture and tourism industries

Tourism is not only a way to promote resources, but a way to foster driving forces. In today’s information environment and market conditions, tourism is an easy way to arrest more attention, and exhibit cultural values at a deeper level, thus achieving deeper integration of culture and tourism.

Fan Zhou: Culture and tourism offer new growth driver for urban development

It’s getting harder to develop tourism purely through natural landscapes. Meanwhile, the deep exploration of culture in all-for-one tourism has become more important, making it vital to interpret cultural differences. All-for-one tourism is not about an extended physical space, but about rethinking the concept of tourism.
锦绣中国Splendid China

With the integration of culture and tourism involved into the national strategic system, the demand side puts forward new requirements to the supply side. From the perspective of “think globally and act locally”, China.org.cn enhances the development of supply and demand through topic selection, platform building and elites’ wisdom collection.
Other new requirements comes from fine-scale development of industrial chains such as holistic tourism, civilized tourism, poverty alleviation through tourism, sports tourism, research and study tourism, and more themes, and more derivation and transformation based on tourism destinations
In the context of the new era entering integration of culture and tourism, national investment in tourism continuously gains momentum in 2019. According to the planning, it is expected to achieve 2 trillion RMB till 2020. The investment direction and investment ratio have been changed significantly. How to maintain competitiveness and resource scarcity has become the focus of the tourism industry when facing changing markets and new investment perspectives.
Smart tourism has entered a new level under the background of pouring new trend and new technology such as live broadcast, panoramic view, virtual reality, augmented reality, big data and blockchain.We should take advantage of technology and be brave to connect these technology, and turn refined tourism big data into productivity, to make science and technology an indispensable element in every travel service path. We should be eager to innovate and lead the future.
the summit provides intellectual support for delegates in forms of dialogue, keynote speeches and cases sharing to analyze how to establish regional brand strategy utilizing management, governance, marketing and internet;
the conference will be based on the concept of "sharing, co-building and co-governance", will launch speeches and dialogues on topics such as “literary tourism industry upgrading, rural revitalization, and marketing innovation” to create a global tourism integration docking platform.
2019 "splendid China" list will be decided by Netizens’ voting and satisfaction adjustment online on Apps, which can establish the tourism brand effectively.
china.com.cn’s "Splendid China" will comprehensively recommend tourist destinations in all aspects utilizing influence by Chinese and English edition, create personalized service for international tourists and a one-stop platform for in-depth experience of Chinese culture and become a new guide for China's international tourism destinations.